Welcome to SAA of Lafayette (Indiana)

a 12-step fellowship for those seeking freedom from compulsive sexual behavior

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What does SAA provide?

We are not a Therapy group, nor do we answer your questions art the meeting.  However someone will offer to meet with you outside the meeting to explain what we do, how we do it, and often the reason why.

If you keep coming back then all your questions will ultimately be answered.


The International Conference of SAA holds a Convention each Memorial Weekend at a different city around the country. 

The past SAA convention was held May 24-27, 2018 in San Francisco.  Next years concention will be held .....

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10 Questions new addicts ask.

Those new to the program always ask the same type of questions. Get some of yours answere by downloading our document here.

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About SAA

Is SAA for you?


  • hiding affairs?
  • wasting hours on porn?
  • needing to masturbate jut to cope
  • dealing with unwanted sexual behaviors?

Do you want to stop the SHAME, but CAN'T?

Join us at a meeting!

  • SUNDAY NIGHT: 6:30 PM at St John's Church, 6th & Ferry; (Enter under the green awning on 6th Street)
  • WEDNESDAY: Noon at the SURF Center (10th & Ferry)
  • FRIDAY: Noon at the SURF Center (10th & Ferry)

Contact US

Phone: (765)532-7038

Email: info@saaoflafayette.com